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Are you making a Left Behind IV?

October 13, 2010 – The wait is over! Loyal fans who have been waiting five years for the next LEFT BEHIND film, will be thrilled by the news that Cloud Ten has re-gained its rights to continue their LEFT BEHIND film series franchise. You can read the full exciting announcement here.

We are not currently casting for the film, but we will announce any opportunities to audition on our website.

What happened to the Cloud Ten message board?

During the interval between releasing one picture and going into production on the next, it has become too difficult to maintain the Message Board properly. We understand how popular this feature was and apologize that it is no longer available. We appreciate your interest and support, and we have set-up a Cloud Ten message board with our friends at One Way Films. You can find the new message board by clicking here.

When is the next movie in the Apocalypse series coming out?

We are currently developing the fifth movie in the Apocalypse series – keep checking our website and become a fan of our Facebook page to receive the latest news and updates about its release!

How can I submit a script to Cloud Ten for review?

Since it’s impossible for us to read everything sent our way, and for legal reasons, we’ve decided to no longer accept unsolicited scripts – long form or short form. However, if you want, please send us a one to two page synopsis of your story. We can take a quick look at it and see if it meets our immediate needs and interests. Unfortunately, there are many factors (many that don’t have anything to do with the quality of the idea or writing) that may determine the nature of our response. If we want to see more we’ll ask you to sign a release form and then for the full script. You can send a synopsis directly to our Office Manager via email at info@cloudtenpictures.com and it will be forwarded to our producer for review.

How can I be an actor/extra in a Cloud Ten movie?

We are usually working with a very limited budget. This means that we cannot afford to bring many (if any) people in from outside the local area. And, even if we did have the budget, there are Union rules and local competition that makes it challenging as well. ACTRA is the Canadian Actors Union that ensures we use Canadians (and usually Union members) for cast on our productions. There are some exceptions but they are normally reserved for ‘name’ stars. We recommend checking with other Christian production companies on the internet – these may include Envision Entertainment; TBN; 8X Entertainment; Namesake Entertainment; Signal Hill Productions; World Wide Pictures. A couple of good internet resources to check are www.wired4film.com and the www.christian-movie.com.

Where can I purchase Cloud Ten movies?

Click on our “Store” tab on our website to access our library of films and documentaries for purchase!


What are the Cloud Ten Church Cinemas?

Through the Cloud Ten Church Cinemas, your church can become part of an exciting new outreach opportunity! Unlike the old days of poor quality films in a church basement, the Cloud Ten Church Cinema offers first-run feature films and proven classic films: making a true alternative to Hollywood domination of our entertainment options. Cloud Ten Pictures is a leader in the production and distribution of quality Christian films, and through the Cloud Ten Church Cinemas, we bring these films directly to your church for World Premiere and Special Presentations and exhibitions. The films will include never-before-seen New Releases, and Classic Films the Cloud Ten library, each filmed for its strong Christian theme and high production value. The Cloud Ten Church Cinemas offer your congregation the opportunity to experience truly Christian films, and to share the message with non-church members in an exciting and interesting new ministry approach.

How do the Cloud Ten Church Cinemas work?

The Cloud Ten Church Cinemas will have a scheduled release – a New Release or a Special Presentation Release of a classic film or films – every few months throughout the year. Churches sign up in advance for each of the releases they wish to participate in or, if desired, sign up for several releases at once. Prior to the Initial Release date, Cloud Ten Pictures will mail a License Kit, which includes everything your church needs, including a copy of the DVD for the film and promotional materials. On the evening of the Initial Release, churches across the U.S. and Canada will premiere the film. After the Initial Release, churches are free to exhibit the film as many additional times as they wish throughout the License Term.

How can my church support Cloud Ten Pictures?

With past releases, Cloud Ten Pictures has received wonderful feedback from the churches, telling extraordinary and inspiring tales of how the films registered a box office of saved souls. We would love to hear how the films were received by your congregation. We would also appreciate learning about the various ways your church uses the films to promote its ministry and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Of course, the most direct support you can provide is to spread the word. If your church is not yet a member, talk about Cloud Ten Church Cinemas with your pastor or youth group leaders. Tell your friends and neighbors, so they can look into whether their own churches should participate!

When do we get our License Kit (DVD and promotional materials?

Your License Kit will be shipped to you approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the Initial Release date of the film(s). If you placed your order after or within 3 weeks prior to the scheduled Initial Release date of the film, your License Kit will be shipped within 2 business days of your order’s approval. Established accounts may place a rush on orders (for an additional $5 processing fee), which guarantees shipping on the same day for orders received and processed prior to 2pm CT. Shipping charges are extra as applicable. Please contact Cloud Ten at 1-888-684-5561 if you wish to expedite your shipping.

I signed up my church and chose to pay by cheque. Where do I send it?

You will be invoiced for your purchase by our exclusive fulfillment agent, CNI Distribution, when you receive your License Kit. You will have 30 days to submit payment to CNI at the address provided on the invoice. Make your cheque payable to CNI Distribution and send it with a copy of your invoice to the following address: CNI Distribution 5584 Mt. View Road Antioch TN 37013. Be sure to note the name of the film you are paying for on the front of your cheque.

My church has signed up for Church Cinemas. How can we promote the film(s)?

Included with your License Kit will be 4 posters that can be displayed at your church or other prominent locations to promote the film. You could also include a notice in your church newsletter or take out an advertisement in local newspapers. Many community newspapers and radio stations offer free notices for upcoming events. We encourage you to post our press releases and articles on your own website.

Can we show the movie more than once?

You are permitted to show the film an unlimited number of times during the license Term. For upcoming releases, the standard license Term will be three (3) months the Initial Release date. The Terms and conditions of the licenses will be identified clearly on the License Certificate which accompanies the License Kit for each release.

Can we charge admission? How much would you recommend charging?

It is entirely within your discretion to charge admission or not. Charging admission is a great opportunity to raise funds for your church. All funds raised stay within the church and you decide how to utilize the funds that are raised. You do not need to report your fundraising plans – either the amount you decide to charge or the total amounts collected – to Cloud Ten.

I belong to a small congregation with limited funds. How can I receive a discount on the license fees?

The Cloud Ten Church Cinema license is priced lower than similar licenses available other service providers. Because we want to ensure the broadest reach possible for these ministry tools, Cloud Ten does offer additional discounts to small congregations (100 members or less). In addition, we offer DVDs for resale by your church at our wholesale prices, significantly discounted the Suggested Retail Price to enable your church to sell DVDs as fundraisers. Please contact us as 1-888-684-5561 to see if your church qualifies for any of our discount programs.

I already own copies of Cloud Ten Pictures films. Why do I need to pay an additional fee to exhibit them at my church?

The DVD you purchased at your local bookstore or online is intended solely for individual in-home entertainment. According to US and Canadian copyright law, you are not permitted to publicly exhibit a DVD purchased for home entertainment purposes. The Cloud Ten Church Cinema License permits you the right to publicly exhibit the films. We recommend that you post your License Certificate in a prominent location during the exhibition, so that your audience is aware that you have obtained the legal rights to publicly exhibit the films.

How can I be sure that the films are appropriate for exhibiting at my church?

As a Christian company, Cloud Ten Pictures is sensitive to the special concerns that you may have about the appropriateness of films exhibited in your sanctuary. All of the Cloud Ten Church Cinema films have been added with these concerns in mind, and none contain inappropriate language, graphic violence, nudity or sexual content. If you have particular concerns about the appropriateness of one of our films, please feel free to contact us and we can arrange for a special preview screening of that film.

My church would like to sell DVD copies of the Cloud Ten Pictures films. How do we order them?

DVDs of all Cloud Tens library titles and upcoming releases are available for purchase, for personal use or for resale. You can browse our library and purchase our films by clicking the “Store” tab from our website. Alternatively, many of our titles are available at your local retail or online retailer such as Amazon.com. To purchase titles for resale by your Church or at a bookstore located on Church premises, contact Cloud Ten Pictures directly at 1-888-684-5561 or by emailing info@cloudtenpictures.com. Alternatively, customers of CNI Distribution, may place orders directly at 1-800-933-7161 or go to www.cnidist.com for more information. To purchase titles for resale at a non-church retail location (such as a store), contact us at info@cloudtenpictures.com. To purchase titles for other purposes (such as for a fundraiser for an educational institution, social group, ministry, etc.), please contact Cloud Ten Pictures directly at 1-888-684-5561 or by email at info@cloudtenpictures.com.

There was a problem with my license kit. Can I return it for a refund?

If something is defective or missing your License Kit, Cloud Ten will make every effort to replace it or otherwise rectify the problem, or issue a credit towards a future Cloud Ten Church Cinema release. Unfortunately, at this time, Cloud Ten Church Cinema is unable to issue refunds for License Kits after they are shipped. Please contact us at 1-888-684-5561 to discuss your particular circumstances and the process for returning License Kits for credit.

Are Cloud Ten Pictures films covered under the CVLI public showing license?

No, our films are not covered under the CVLI public showing license. To obtain a license to publicly show our films, please contact us for more information.


How can I invest in a Cloud Ten Pictures film?

We’re currently developing some exciting films and looking for financing for production. You would be investing in the right to profit participation

Your money would be used to produce the movie. The first money made by the movie would cover distribution and production costs – which would include your financing. Once all production and distribution expenses have been recouped, you would receive a percentage of profits based on the proportional size of your financing.

We are not selling any ownership of the production or our company (no stocks) and cannot guarantee the investment; however, ALL of our past films have made significant profits.

Because of paperwork etc. we would need a minimum investment of $100,000. I know film financing may sound very different from what you’re used to but we know what we’re doing and have a solid track record to back it up. If you would like more information please let me know. We’re dedicated to making faith-affirming films to touch others and return an investment to those who support us in that process.

Also – if you know of anyone else who may be interested in such an investment we can pay a finder’s fee for any leads that net financing.

For more information, contact:
Michael Walker, President
Cloud Ten Pictures
1 St. Paul Street, Unit 701
St. Catharines, ON
L2R 7L4

(905) 684-5561

We have heard that Cloud Ten has settled its lawsuit with Tim LaHaye – is this true?

Yes. We are very pleased to confirm that Cloud Ten has settled all of its legal disputes with Tim LaHaye. As part of the settlement agreement, the film rights to the first two books in the series: LEFT BEHIND and TRIBULATION FORCE are now once again Cloud Ten Picture’s. Cloud Ten has developed a brand new exciting ‘disaster movie’ script based on LEFT BEHIND that focuses on the characters of Chloe, Rayford and Buck as they try to survive during the first few hours after the rapture. We are actively looking for investors for this film and plan to be going into production shortly.

How can I work behind the camera on one of Cloud Ten’s movies?

As with acting, unless we are in production on a specific film project we will not be looking at casting choices. Please keep an eye on our website for production updates. Also, there are also some things you should be aware of. We are usually working with a limited budget. This means that we cannot afford to bring many (if any) people in outside the local area of where we are shooting – which is usually around Toronto, Canada. Plus, there are Union rules and local competition that makes it challenging as well. And, the more local talent we use the more production tax credits we receive back. These tax credits are needed to help finance the film and can be lost if we use non-local talent. The best way you can help Cloud Ten to bring Christian movies to the public is to support our films, such as by encouraging your church to become a member of the Cloud Ten Church Cinemas and by spreading the word about our new releases.

I have a finished project that I want to submit to Cloud Ten Pictures for review.

We receive many of these requests. In an effort to stream-line the process, please email us at info@cloudtenpictures.com with the details of the project. If we are interested, we will request to see it.

What other Christian production companies are there?

A good internet resource to check is www.myfaith.com. There is myfaith.com/personal/REVIEWS.htm that lists various Christian Filmmaking sites as well as interviews with filmmakers, etc.

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