Left Behind 20th Anniversary Edition DVD Trilogy


Twenty years ago, conspiracy theories, misinformation campaigns, censorship, and a deadly virus infecting the world were all part of the thrilling plotlines from the LEFT BEHIND movies produced by Cloud Ten Pictures, based on the #1 New York Times Best Seller book series of the same name. Those movies were an overnight success and went on to sell more than ten million copies on VHS and DVD.  Fast forward to 2020 and these ‘plotlines’ are now today’s daily headlines making Cinedigm’s September 1 release more relevant than ever...more

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Cloud Ten Pictures has been a producer and pioneer in the Christian film space for more than 25 years. It’s innovative marketing and use of well-known actors paved the way for a stream of successful faith-based films over the past two decades. Cloud Ten’s productions now include 11 feature films and more than a dozen documentaries, all focused on Bible prophecy.

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