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Does God Really Exist? Prove it. It is the demand of every skeptic: prove to me that God exists. Of course making a decision to accept the Gospel of Christ is a matter of faith. But as this shocking new video shows the evidence of a superior being is a matter of fact. New discoveries in science, creation, archaeology, and the sudden and rapid fulfillment of bible prophecy are all convincing the most determined skeptics to take a second look. See how genetic research points to a divine creator; how mathematics and physical laws disprove the big bang; how biology disproves evolution; how astronomy points to a young earth and many, many more Startling Proofs. You be the judge. In this fast moving docudrama you’ll see the incredible evidence that God does exist. Then do one simple thing: judge the evidence for yourself. Featuring notable scientists and leading bible scholars like Peter and Paul Lalonde, Grant Jeffrey, Dave Breese, Dave Hunt and Chuck Misler, this is one video that you can share with your unsaved friends and loved ones.

Startling Proofs (DVD)

SKU: C10DV89130
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